i'll be gone for a few days...

so sorry ek u guys...i gotta go back kampung for a few days..i'll be back on wednesday...so i won't be fullfiling any request so soon..well..no linelah at my kampung..haih...anyways,do leave ur request..i'll try to upload it ASAP when i'm bak..

oh ya..one more thing,mp3seeder is kinda sick..he will b bak on monday i think..
to mp3 bro..get well soon kz =)

2 comments to "i'll be gone for a few days..."

  • lor..mp3seeder sakit ker??xpe2..marilah kite doakn dia cpt sehat..amin..uhhuhu~

  • wei ko cakap melayu la snang aku nak paham
    english agak trabo.
    tp xpe
    klau leh ko upload kan lagu gurindam jiwa nordin ahmad

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