Thanks For Syada & Fuzzy!!!!

Hye all members, I on behalf mp3central crew (blog moderator, chat mod and friends) just wanna give a million of thanks to Ms Syada for giving her effort and idea for this blog. Syada will be left us this July for continuing study at UITM Melaka.. We wanna wish u good luck and hope u dream will come true.
Million of thanks also to Fuzzy since she also will be away for a while for concentrate to her study. For Fuzzy, we just hoping u will get well soon and good luck to you too in SPM. Don't be too stress just enjoy your life. All the best to both of them.

If u wanna say something for both of them just leave at comment.. See yaaa...

Thank for supporting the totally free mp3 download center.
Thanks also for our partner Lyricentral, Alljustinfo, Nakaltitude, Moviesentral and Car Fever for supporting us.

6 comments to "Thanks For Syada & Fuzzy!!!!"

  • ~thxs bro for that.erm,wat shud i called dat??a farewell speach??ehehe =p
    ~tp bro,u xhalau syada kn?heheh,jz kiddin' xD
    ~thxs gak kt downloaderz yg lain 4 the support..amat2 dihargai..especially kt simplicityrulez,grey,liya,nana..(jz to name a few) cz tuk sehari dua nih cm close lak dorg dorg..hehehe =)
    ~insyAllah,klo de mse terluang nti syada akn slalu2 singgah kt cni..windu kt u'ols...hehehe
    ~spe2 org melaka tuh nti,calling2 le syada..leh g mp3seeder jelaz cz dia dlu pn blajo kt melaka gk..hehehe =)

  • Hi Syada, Fuzzy....both of you are like assets that can't be replaced to this MP3seeder...

    Good luck in your future undertakings. Belajar betul-betul ya Syada...Fuzzy too. SPM dah dekat tu. Thanks a million of all your effort.

    Luv you toooo.....!!!

  • awww...that reli sweet mr.
    n thx lotz too mp3 bro...
    i luv u guys a lot too..
    mp3erz rox!
    chill ok u guys..i'll b bak pretty soon...for now,doakan so that i'll get 11a1 in spm

  • ~Hi Syada,Fuzzy...
    ~Thanx a lot coz byk tlg i....
    ~i wish both of u all tha best!!!

  • hello im falabela...hehe..oh yes good luck..very..very the good luck to both of you k.btw SPM stands for ape ah?sorry ah im from tk singapore they called 'O'levels means ordinary levels..i think SPM same level mcm nie la agaknye....k c ya soon!!!

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