Happy New Year 2 all u guys who nvr fail supportin Mp3 central n the Malaysia music industry.New year means new hope so i wish u guys all the in watever u do n may all ur wish come true.May we Malaysians and all of you guys out there blessed always by Allah.Aminnnn

btw,here's a lil sumthing by me....its a song standing in the eyes of the world but sang by
toophat, ve, ruffedge, kru ,shazzy ,phlowtron and ella of coz!Its reli2 cool...and 4 u guys who wan it..come on n d/l man!There's many genre in this music..so wellz!enjoy!

Standing in the eyes of the world(too phat,ve,ruffedge,shazzy,phlowtron and ella)

Do check out my new blog as well which is called.....

Wacky Thoughts!

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